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Sunday “Morning” Review June 28, 2009

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My goal is to review the Saturday night gathering at Revolution Church on Sunday mornings. Josh and I typically talk about his sermon through the week, so it is fun to see how God speaks to and through him on Saturday night. Hope you enjoy this first, Sunday “Morning” Review.


Accidental: Hebrews 13

Josh did a great job finishing strong with this 5 month series on Hebrews. He took quite a bit of time to put together a study guide and reading schedule so that everyone could follow along, as well as have some context each week. This weeks message was the how to the last 12 chapters of why. Josh did a great job of explaining that “right belief leads into right living” and even if we believe the right things it does not mean that we are okay. No one cares if we know everything about the Bible, but our lives are no different from theirs. They will care when they see our own transformed lives. As Josh said, the Gospel of Jesus is transforming.

One of the things that we are passionate about at Revolution is becoming a voice of Hope to our world through using our gifts and resources in and outside of the church. Through a video and the Killer’s song, Human, Josh tried to demonstrate that being missional is being on mission with God, it is not an act, but something that penetrates into every area of our life. Missional is not something that we do, but something that we are as a follower of Jesus. With the program we passed out a sheet with different missional opportunities because being on mission with God is sometimes hard to do because we do not know were to start.

What things are you doing in your life right now to be on mission with God? Has He used you to reach your neighbors, town, country and world?

(Listen to the sermon here.)


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