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Monday and Money Saving! July 6, 2009

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So, last week I saved 77% at Albertson’s Grocery and I thought that I would share some of how I try to make our dollar strech a little further by clipping coupons. First, I decided that I am not going to pay anyone to tell me where to get cheap deals. I tried out Grocery Game for their trial period and found it not worth my time. It was supose to make it easier and put all of the deals in one place, but for me it did not work. Second, I subscribe to the Arizona Daily Star for the weekend. We were always forgetting to go out on Sundays to pick up the paper, now for $5 a month we have it delivered to our door. I make up that in a shopping trip so the convenience is worth it. Third, get a great mother-in-law and have her clip and send you her coupons in the mail! You may not have family who is willing to clip coupons for you, but it is helpful to have multiple coupons to save MORE money. Fifth, I just started following Jill Cataldo, a coupon-workshop instructor, writer and mother of three. Through one of her articles I found out, that most food items rotate on sale on a three week basis. So if something is not on sale wait a week or two and then pair a coupon with it to get maximum savings. Also, you can usually use two coupons on an item if you have a store and manufacturers coupon. Target just sent me some store coupons so I am excited to save double. Lastly, you need to buy stuff at its cheapest price point and then keep it until you need it, instead of just running to the store for the things that you need.

PS. Check out P&G Saver, Cellfire, and Shortcuts to load coupons onto your fry’s or safeway card.


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