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Does going on Vacation take more work? July 11, 2009

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Josh mentioned off-handedly that it takes a lot of work to go on vacation. There ARE quite a few details that need to come together for a family to go on vacation. Let me just give you the short list for our trip to San Diego next week:

  • Do every piece of laundry in the house, including cloth diapers, sheets and towels.
  • Make sure they are folded and put away so I do not come home to piles of laundry.
  • Clean and organize the house so that it is clean when I arrive home, so I can dump piles of dirty clothes and luggage into my clean house upon return so that I can turn around and do it all over again.
  • Finish making meals for our family for this week and plan and make meals for us while on vacation.
  • Pack two coolers; one with frozen food and one with snacks for the trip.
  • Make and deliver a meal for Sarah, a friend who had a beautiful baby girl on Wednesday.
  • Pack clothes, diapers, wipes, sippy cups, bowls, lids, spoons, paper towels, crayons, books, cars, dolls, towels, suits and everything that we can fit in or on our van!
  • Clean our van, wash the car seat covers, and return all seats to the van
  • As you know this list could go on for pages… but before I finished this list and all of the items on the list, we got a call from Point Loma letting us know that we could come out a day early. I was excited for 30 seconds until I realized what all needed to happen before we left the next morning! Needless to say the list did not get completed, but with the help of Josh, my husband, and the kids taking naps we were able to leave Friday morning without any bumps. Along the way we have realized that we forgot a few key items, like deodorant, that would not have been forgotten had we the additional day to prepare, but nothing that is irreplaceable! Now we are enjoying the beautiful weather of San Diego, CA. We are staying right on the tip of Point Loma, in a two bedroom apartment. Sleeping arrangements have been a little on the tricky side (Gavin will not sleep with Ava in the room, so we have to put him down and then wait a hour then let her go to sleep). We will try to keep you updated with the fun that we are having. This morning we went to Ocean Beach and walked the pier, then Josh took Ava and Gavin to the edge of the water, Ava was brave enough to get in up to her waist. She says she wants to swim with the fish, but I don’t think she really knows what that means!

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