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Sunday “Morning” Review July 19, 2009

Filed under: Church,Sunday Morning Review — katiereich @ 11:01 pm

This past Saturday Josh and I had the pleasure of attending Revolution! It was great to come back from vacation, through a crazy sand storm, in enough time to go to church. It was an awesome reminder that we love our church and it put into perspective all that we have gone through to get Revolution off the ground.

Now onto Saturday night’s festivities:

The whole evening was driving by some fun video driven stuff that Jonathan and Paul did an awesome job putting together! Josh was incredible as the TV evangelist. (Very funny, great hair!)

This was followed by the serious part of the night, Dave Ramey’s talk: Breaking the Bondage of Debt. He presents financial truths in a way that is funny and light hearted, yet honest and very straight forward.

He talked about how a borrower is a slave to the lender and that the bondage can be broken when you get out of debt. Imagine if you had no payments how much you could save, give, invest and blow! His whole series is a fresh perspective on finances that will make you think about how you spend money. Definitely worth the listen. Enjoy!


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