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Sunday Morning Review August 23, 2009

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So my Sunday Morning Review will actually be up on… (drum roll, please) …Sunday!


Dave LePeau was our guest speaker and he took on the last week of our Elijah Series, If Today Was Your Last Day, from 2 Kings 2:1-14! He did a great job. Take a minute to listen to it here.


David talked about about how we don’t need to just do church, we are the church and we don’t just play as Christ-followers we are Christ-followers. As a way to move forward in your journey, you need to find a mentor. Don’t just enjoy what they say, but allow it to sink in and change your future. Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit… knowing the shoes that he would have to fill.


To believe in God requires a step of faith, and then many steps of faith. It requires something of you.


Death scared Elijah so much it paralyzed him as a follower of God, and yet that thing never happened. Is there something in your life that is paralyzing your relationship with God?


Elijah knew it was his last day and he changed nothing, he continued doing God’s work…

How can we follow after God if you are a slave to              ?


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