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Ava thinks her life is a musical… September 16, 2009

Filed under: Family — katiereich @ 11:07 pm

but that might be my fault. I am always singing silly things to the kids to get their attention or to keep them busy. (That may be why Ava likes to break out into song at random times. We say that she will become disappointed when she starts school and people don’t sing during their normal routines like we do!) Anyway I started a song the other day, which has gotten many requests since then, and I thought that it might be fun if you spend a minute to add a verse as well! I will give you my first few and you can have fun with it from there;


I am a monkey swinging from the trees, (exaggerated motions!)

I eat bananas and I even say please.


I am a penguin sliding on the ice,

I eat fish, now isn’t that nice.


I think you get the point, what animal/verse would you add.


PS. Remember that I put these words together in a few minutes, so be kind.


2 Responses to “Ava thinks her life is a musical…”

  1. Joseph M Says:

    Awww…somebody people do bust out in song during every day life. We did it at work all the time!!! It was great seeing you two today although it was too quick. I will try to come up with some verse for you 🙂

  2. Michele Says:

    Life is a musical just ask Larry the Cucumber! We come out with silly songs and silly phrases from movies all the time. It may seem funny to adults but when you are around kids all day you can’t help it. Besides, if they decide to get into theater, they will be so use to singing and acting it will be a breeze, and lots of fun too.

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