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In anticipation of our current series… October 1, 2009

At Revolution Church we have just started a new series,, so to celebrate this I am taking you back to an old journal entry.

Soon after Josh and I got married I made a list of expectations that I had for him and us in our relationship. The list is as follows:


-Tha you will give me the freedom to be me and develop those “talents” God has given me and encourage me in those things.

-That you would show me that you love me by spending quality time with me each day- whether it be just fun and flirty or a serious heart to heart.

-That sex will not be just to fulfill a need, but will be a journey of discovering each other and our secret places and desires.

-To pray passionately as a couple everyday revealing what is on our hearts.

-To worship together, whether in the car, living room or worship gathering.

-Help me to know (gently) when I am asking too much of you.

-To help me walk through the steps of reconcilition healing and growth from my past.

-To encourage me by attending the things that I do and feel passionate about.

-To be the spiritual leader by showing an interst in spiritual things.

-Checking up regularly on how our relationship health is.

-Helping around the house, especially when I am cleaning up.

-I expect that you will not lie to me and follow through with your word.

-That I will come first in your life after God, and you will make an effort to show me that. At the same time I will be respectful of your responsibilities. 

-That when we have kids, you will be the working dad, so that I can be a stay-at-home mom.

I am thankful to say, that at that point in our relationship I was not asking Josh to do anything impossible, and the cool thing is… He is the man of my dreams and has fulfilled all of dreams and expectations! Have you thought through relational expectations for your husband or future husband? What do these say about you? Are you asking him to do things that are unrealistic, or things that you should be looking to God or others in your life to do?


I hope that you enjoyed this page from my journal from years gone by.


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