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Sunday Morning Review October 4, 2009


i want a new marriageIt has been far too long since I have done this. Last week I thought about it, but I helped to do the sermon, so it felt a little awkward. But now I am back on track, and had a coffee late in the day so I have plenty of energy to share with you the condensed version of tonight’s sermon.

Listen to it here(Click on The One Thing That can Kill Your Marriage). Josh started out by comparing our marriages to technology that movies come on from beta, vhs, laser discs, dvd, or blu-ray. Some of us feel like we got the beta version in our marriages, so we tend to neglect them. Check out Josh’s blog for the complete list.

Josh explains that in Matthew 5:27-32 adultery means sleeping with someone you are not married to. Not only is it receiving sexual fulfillment from someone else, it usually does not start there. adultery starts with emotional needs being fulfilled by someone else. The lust that is talked about in this passage also refers to porn, and emotional needs being met by others.

Josh paralleled the passage in Matthew 5 to 1 Samuel 11:1-5, the story of David and Bathsheba. The progression of David’s adultery started with a long string of bad decisions, not going out for war, intentionally going on the roof to watch women bath…

If you want to have what very few couples have, then you have to be willing to do what very couples are willing to do. Proactively protect yourself and marriage!

Josh has a list of quite a few next steps on his blog, and I will be taking time this week on my blog to share how to deal with a relationship that has been through or is suffering from the effects of porn.


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