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Sunday Morning Review October 11, 2009

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i want a new marriageTonight was an exciting night at Revolution Church! Josh took on the exciting topic of Divorce from Matthew 5:31-37. I say exciting only because divorce hits really close to home for me, and I know that it can be a really touchy subject for a lot of people because it is so personal. In light of that lets begin…

Josh began the night with talking about the marriages that we see around us, what marriages did you grow up looking at? Josh talked about God’s desire for us to be holy instead of happy. Sometime’s those coincide, but most of the time happiness ends up being the easy way out while holiness requires a more measured response and tends to be a harder decision.

In our time in ministry we have rubbed shoulders with many couples who are thinking of getting married, in the process of getting married, or who are in the process of pursing a divorce.

Josh has received many reasons for divorce including, but not limited to:

  • I am not in love anymore
  • My spouse is not meeting my needs
  • I don’t understand my spouse, we are just so different
  • God told me to do it… Which is one of our favorites because he specifically states in Malachi 2 that He hates divorce!

Josh goes from there to explain how God uses Hosea, in the book of Hosea, to show His love for us… This is one that you may not think is for you, but is a great listen. Take a moment to listen to it here, click on What’s Got to Happen to Make Marriage Work.


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