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“Sunday Morning” Review October 18, 2009

iwanm-series-bannerTonight we continued our I Want A New Marriage series with What I Said Yes To, out of Matthew 5: 38-48. Josh explained that when we signed up for marriage it was not to be served, but to serve. We used that as a jumping off point to talk about the top 3 needs of a man and women out of the book, His Needs, Her Needs; by Willard F. Harley Jr. Josh explained to the men that women have the need for Affection, Conversation, and Honesty & Openness. I explained to the ladies that men have the emotion need for Sexual Fulfillment, Recreational Partners, and an Attractive Spouse. Josh did a great job of handling his topics. I did say words that I never thought I would say in front of a crowd like; frequency, climax and position, but I think that it struck a chord with people because of the questions… So before I say too much take a listen, fill out the emotional needs questionnaire with your spouse, and have some great conversations.

This week Josh and I will be blogging about the top five needs of the opposite sex; so stay tuned!


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