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Sunday Morning Review… October 25, 2009

i want a new marriageAnd so we have made it to the last week of our I Want A New Marriage Series! Hard to believe that we have spent 5 weeks dealing with all aspects of marriage. If you have not had the opportunity to listen to all of them I would strongly suggest that you do that. I think that they all build on each other in a very strong way without being too obvious.

This week we ended with the topic of Headship and Submission. definitely something that “church people” have an opinion on. In conservative circles men use this passage like a bat, in liberal churches they ignore this passage, and society as a whole does not recognize or understand the importance of roles in marriage.

Josh did an excellent job of explaining what submission is and is not, while holding men up to the very high standard of leading their homes and being responsible to God.

He explained what headship and then gave some very practical ways to gauge yourself (men) on how you are doing at leading your home.

Josh ended with the picture of Adam and Eve and God ultimately held Adam responsible for the sin that entered our world.

All-in-all some pretty heavy stuff. I hope that you enjoy.

PS. This week I will be doing some follow up posts about what submitting and respecting your husband looks like. I will cover the last need from His Needs Her Needs; Admiration, as well as look at your role as helpmate in dealing with your husband’s sin and addiction. Take time to notice your man this week and sing his praises!


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