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“Sunday” Morning Review on Thursday! January 14, 2010

We started a new series at Revolution Church this past Saturday night called; Building a City within a City, a study on the book of Nehemiah. We have been doing quite a bit of background work to launch this series, including an 80+ page study guide, which you can download here. It would definitely be worth the listen, but I will give you the brief overview here.

Nehemiah is a Jewish man who works for the king of Persia as the cup bearer, a position that brings much wealth, prestige and a close connection to the king. The book of Nehemiah is said to be an excerpt from his personal journal, and we meet Nehemiah as he is asking about the city and walls of Jerusalem. When he hears that the walls are still in ruins, he is devistated and weeps and mourns for days. The odd thing is that the walls have been in this same state for 141 years, so this was not new information for him. Josh asked the question, Do you see the world as God sees it? Something had to change in Nehemiah for the sudden change in heart, Josh believes it is because he started to see things the way God does. For our hearts to break for the city around us we need to have our hearts intertwined with God’s. This is the only way that we will see things like God and live for His glory not our own.

Nehemiah, in his mourning, is broken not only by his sin, but by this sin of the whole nation of Israel. He confesses all of those sins and then prays big, specific prayers. Not that someone would rebuild the wall, but that he would be successful in rebuilding the wall. For more you will have to listen… I hope that you enjoy.


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