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Sunday Morning Review: Leading and Laboring Neh. 3 January 31, 2010

If you missed last night then you missed a really awkward moment; we all experienced No Show Saturday. All of our regular volunteers, except Planet Rev workers got the night off. We wanted to show the church how much really gets done by volunteers, and how we would cease to exist without their help. The awkwardness started in the parking lot, with no directional signs, and continued with no signs to point anyone anywhere. The lobby and bathrooms were not “dressed”, and the whole not was really paired down. Paul lead worship from acoustic guitar, and only one screen came down for the first worship set(that last part was not planned). I think that the impact will be lasting and hopefully our volunteers will know how much they mean to the mission of Revolution and to Josh and myself personally. And now on with the show…

Josh started out the night, after bringing in his own table, taking about the fact that the reason we are preaching through Nehemiah 3 is because all scripture is profitable for teaching, and is God-breathed. It is not just a list of names, but a list of ordinary people that God chose to do extraordinary things, when they came together. If Nehemiah only had a vision then he is just a guy with a dream – without the list of people then wall does not get rebuilt.

Josh then went on to introduce all of the team leaders at Revolution, and they, each in turn, showed how many people are needed each week to fulfill the rolls that are currently needed. The total number is 36, which is a third of our weekly adult attendance. Which means that we need EVERY ADULT serving at least once a month in at least one area of our church to function. To me, the crazy thing is, as we continue to grow, that number will continue to grow too. I feel passionately about people finding their giftedness and serving, because it is a huge part of my journey. Realizing that I had giftedness that i never had tapped into and using it for God’s glory can really add a dimension to your life that you never thought possible. It will not always be easy, but it will be exciting.

Josh goes on to talk about the leadership principle of working in and on the wall, as well is calling our church to step up and help to build something that will outlast us. The desire is that we will be able to see amazing things happen at Revolution, but that when Josh retires we will be able to say that Revolutions best days are ahead. Amen, and Amen. Listen here to get the full story.


One Response to “Sunday Morning Review: Leading and Laboring Neh. 3”

  1. Julie! Says:

    Hey Katie! I have been catching up on your blog today. This is the BEST idea I have ever heard! What a way to really show people how much they are needed! So I’m wondering how the response was, did you get MORE volunteers? Just curious! So excited for your adoption too by the way!

    Julie S.

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