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I am loving my family today… February 1, 2010

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I already know what you are thinking, shouldn’t she love her family all of the time? The answer is yes, and yes I do, but there are moments of contentedness and extra-fondness (is that a word) that sneak in and warm your heart. For instance;

  • Gavin has decided that he would rather wear underwear then pull-ups or diapers this week, and is in the process of mastering the toilet! The crowd goes wild.
  • Gavin also, has been coming out of his cranky two’s and has been entering a sweeter stage. He loves to snuggle under his letter blanket, and his personality is starting to show like crazy. Just the other night he told me he saw God in the wall, I have no idea what he was talking about, but he is funny.
  • Ava wonders the funniest things aloud. Like can we ever go to a restaurant church, I am not sure what that would look like, dinner theater? But we told her she would have to start it.
  • Ava wants to be a Mail lady, Fire fighter, and a pilot. I asked her where she would sleep and she informed me that she would stay with the other mail people. But she would deliver mail to Josh, myself, Gavin and Ashton.
  • The kids and myself have been taking walks around the neighborhood in the wagon, and Ava and Gavin like to pull Ashton instead of being pulled. On these same walks we are always on the lookout for trash in the neighborhood to pick up and throw away. Gavin and Ava “work as a team” to walk down into the wash to pick up bags stuck to bushes and such.
  • Gavin no longer says panpakes, for pancakes. He very clearly enunciated pancake this evening… he is growing up.
  • Ava got a booster seat and cannot believe that she gets to use a seatbelt like an adult!
  • Ava is also excited about starting Kindergarten in July. She keeps telling people that she is almost 5, but really she is only almost 4 1/2!
  • Ashton is walking around like a mad man. He can turn on a dime and become quite the walker.
  • Ashton’s nickname has changed from shoe (because he used to sleep in the pack n’ play in our closet) to bobblehead! If you have ever seen Ashton’s new dance then you would understand.
  • The kids have been recently practicing the Lord’s Prayer after we pray, and then we sing a Benediction. I love their sweet hearts and their spontaneous songs to God.

And most of all I have a husband who works hard for the church, and loves people, but ultimately wants to serve and bless his family and be a light to those who come in contact with us! Our family is far from perfect, but we love each other and are trying to enjoy the small things.


One Response to “I am loving my family today…”

  1. Lex Says:

    Oh, my gosh!! I love all of it, especially the bobblehead video. And I had no idea he was “shoe”:). I can’t believe how quickly they’re growing up. Thanks for doing this blog; I love to hear about the Reich family’s adventures! Much love, sister.

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