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Sunday Morning Review: Neh. 7:5-73 March 21, 2010

This chapter is basically a list of names and numbers, so I was excited to see what Josh was going to talk about. Josh started by reading the passage “fast and with confidence”! The people listed in Nehemiah 7 were the ones who not only rebuilt the city but moved into the city to start the church with Nehemiah.
These people did not have to do it, they left jobs, homes and the security of resources to build something that was bigger then themselves. The city of Jerusalem is still around- there are times when God calls up people to do great things. We are at a time like that. He is calling us.

There is also a portion of the passage which refers to the people who are not listed because they cannot prove their heritage, one commentator says that we should think of those people as the unknowns. As we started Revolution, those are the people we prayed for, people who were not yet a part of what we were doing, but who’s lives would be impacted by it.

To hear more listen here.


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