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Sunday “Morning” Review: Nehemiah 11:1-36 April 25, 2010

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Last night Josh preached through Nehemiah 11, another list of names! He started by asking the question that we usually ask ourselves, What do I do now? What is the next step for me in my relationship with Jesus? In the Bible Paul equates our spiritual life to the progression of our lifestages. As an infant you cannot feed yourself, but must be fed… each stage is unique, but the hard part comes when it is time to let go of what is comfortable and give up those things to get to the next stage. In life stages it is almost forced upon you, but in your spiritual life you have to be ok with it. Too often we are paralyzed in taking the next step because it hurts, or is uncomfortable so we do not believe that it is from God. We too often stay in our “safe place” and wonder where God is. In Nehemiah 11 Josh shows us how the leaders left their comfort and took the huge risk to move into the city… The individuals listed were people from surrounding villages who moved into the city as well. Instead of waiting for God to call them to the easy normal thing, they followed God on his mission, not their own, and by doing that the church reached outside the walls of the city and created a church with a regional mindset…

Listen to the sermon here for more… and be sure to check out Josh’s blog for the next big step that we are taking as a church.


Sunday Morning Review: Nehemiah 8:13-18 April 4, 2010

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Josh did an awesome job tonight, presenting the story of Nehemiah, all while bringing the point home for Easter! Josh started out with a story about, um… detail oriented people. A friend of ours was going on a skiing trip to the Rockies, and he makes a printed schedule, with all of the restroom and meal stops along the way. The problem is, when he goes to pick up/caravan with the rest of the troop at 4 am, yup you guessed it, they are not even awake. He was definitely NOT in control. The way we normally see it, is when things are going well we seem to be pleased with ourselves and feel like we are in control. When things are not going well, we tend to ask Where is God?

Josh goes on to recap Nehemiah… He is a business man, who is grabbed by the heart of God, and goes on to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days. Then moves people into the city to start the church. Things are going well… they then take 7 days to camp out and celebrate the feast of booths or tabernacles. This holds huge importance because, at this point, Nehemiah could be feeling like he is in control. The cool thing about this feast is that it does 2 things

-Reminds us that God is over all things and provides all things

-Reminds us that God is always with us.

When the people built their booths, they made them with thatched roofs so that they could see the sun and be hit by the rain, in this they would be reminded that God is in control in the good and bad times. I hope that this whet your appetite and you want to hear more from Josh about what to do when your life feels out of control. Click here for more.