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Sunday Morning Review: Unstoppable Faith (Joshua 10:1-14) July 11, 2010

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After four weeks off Josh has returned to the pulpit! I know that he, and our family have really appreciated the time off and our time away in Colorado. Josh did a great job talking about unstoppable faith.

Josh started out with a brief summary of Joshua, You can’t, but God can. Joshua, the main character of the book of Joshua, is a lead who follow Moses. Moses is a pretty big deal in the Bible, he is the man who hears God in the burning bush, and leads the Israelites out of slavery. Joshua has BIG shoes to fill. We also know that Joshua is fearful and not bold because of God’s repeated commands to not be afraid. But in God’s economy He often chooses people who we would choose last.

There are basically 2 kinds of people. Impossible people believe that there are things that are too big for God to do. Their view of God is small, and this ends up not only stopping them in their tracks, but not seeing God do amazing things through and around them. It is easier to be this type of person.

The other kind of people are the Sun Stands Still people (see Joshua 10). These are the people who have reached a level of desperation and are terrified to think that God will not do something through them.

If you ever thought your faith was big enough listen here.


One Response to “Sunday Morning Review: Unstoppable Faith (Joshua 10:1-14)”

  1. Faith Says:

    Love you guys! It was a great sermon — made possible by God and you.

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