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Sunday Morning Review… Ultimate Fighter (2 Tim. 2:1-13) August 29, 2010

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Josh did an awesome job last night of preaching with conviction and authority, always my prayer for him. Just a short review of the night for those who missed it or want to freshen up. Click here to listen.

Why is it that some people are always asking, What is next for me God? What should I do?; while others seem to have a direct connection to what God is doing in and around them? The reason that many of us lack certainty is that we do not know what the prize is.

In 2 Timothy, Paul is writing to Timothy while in prison on death row, and lays out what the prize is for a follower of Jesus.

First, you need to get people around you to help you keep focus and not quit. Next, Paul gives 3 pictures of living life with focus: the Soldier, who has already said yes, and is just waiting for orders. The athlete, who centers his life around his sport, just like we are suppose to center our lives around Jesus. And the Farmer, who does not consider any task too small or thankless when it relates to the harvest. The prize and win for us as Christians is that we can influence people to take the next step in their spiritual journey, and that people with begin a relationship with Jesus.

Take a listen to hear what Josh had to say.


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