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Why teachers have sex with students, and relationships don’t last… September 17, 2010

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My neighbor just told me that a former middle school coach, in our school district, was accused of performing a sexual act on a 15 year old student. Earlier this summer a high school English teacher was arrested for having sexual contact with a student. Is there a way to prevent this?

What about the numerous relationships that end because of unfaithfulness? or porn addiction? or jealousy?

The answer: Boundaries…

Whenever Josh performs a wedding, we meet with the couple and do a series of premarital counseling sessions. This process is usually fun because it allows Josh and I to look back at our relationship, as well as help the couple we are working with get started on the right foot. Of course we always share our “Relationship Rules”. These are a list of unofficial Rules that Josh and I have put into place over the course of our marriage to help safeguard our relationship, and help to make it run more smoothly. So I thought that I would put together an unofficial list of “Relationship Rules”, these are by no means meant for everyone, or should be applied across the board, but hopefully they will help you to think through your relationship or non-relationship and help you to think through what boundaries you should have in your life. Enjoy!

“Relationship Rule ” #1: No (or limited) relationships with people of the opposite sex.

First and foremost severe contact with all past flames and boy/girlfriends. If you are in contact with one, my first question would be why. What do you gain from continuing a friendship with them? It will probably make your spouse jealous, even if they say they aren’t, and they will always appear better then your spouse. You call the old flame and vent about an argument you just had with your husband, that person will tend to side with you, and be a listening ear, which will put a wedge in between you  and your spouse. Not worth it.

There really does not seem to be an upside… So delete all past flames from your facebook, email and skype. Wish them well, but put all of your energy into making your current relationship as amazing as it can be.

This will be a series of posts… so buckle your seatbelt and watch for more. If nothing else you will be amused.


2 Responses to “Why teachers have sex with students, and relationships don’t last…”

  1. erin Says:

    Hello there Katie! I came to your blog, via your husband’s
    blog, which I came to via Metropolitan Mama. First off – I am
    loving both what you & Josh have to say. Secondly – we are
    also adopting from Ethiopia! Where are you in the process? We are
    still in home study stage & over a year from bringing the
    little one home. Now about this post… I have a question for you
    about this rule. What would you all say about a former
    “relationship” (not technically a boy friend or flame. maybe
    formerly confused friends? Ha!) when you still go to the same
    church or fellowship with the same group of believers, or that
    person is a close friend of your entire extended family, etc. I
    totally agree that talking about personal stuff one on one with
    that person should be out. (I wouldn’t do that with any guy, except
    maybe my dad? or another figure like that if there was a valid
    issue…) But, do you believe the relationship should be severed to
    the point where one needs to go to a new church, and you should
    never have any sort of relationship? What would you say?

    • katiereich Says:


      Sorry that it has taken me so long to respond to your post… Don’t know if you noticed, but I am not very consistent with my blog right now. What with three small kids to raise and a house to run, I do not know how the mom’s of large families have time to sit in front of a computer and blog, let alone get a shower!:) anyway yes we are adopting from Ethiopia, we get our fingerprints done on Monday for our i600 a, which means we should have our 171h in our hands by mid January, which means that we just need to raise the rest of the money to send in with our dossier! Hopefully we will be dte by February. I am expecting big things from God. As far as the relationship… I don’t think you need to totally exclude past people from your life, but I do think that you need to be aware of your heart and feelings. Do you wonder what it would be like if you ended up with this guy instead of your husband? You need to do everything short of sin to protect your relationship wit your husband… So the answer is really up to you, why did you feel the need to even ask about it? The post obviously hit a nerve. I guess you need to make sure that you have eyes only for your husband and are protecting that covenant bond because marriage is designed to be a very real picture of the gospel… Which is serious business.

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