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Relationship Rules… #4 October 25, 2010

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#4 NEVER make fun, or joke at your spouses expense.

I know that this may sound simple… well, actually, it is, but I am always surprised at how many couples joke at the other’s expense. It is almost like they are too afraid to talk through something, or they don’t even know they are doing it… what if instead of tearing down your spouse in front of other people you tried building them up. What may be “just joking” to you, most likely has some truth to it, which is why it hurts your spouses feelings.


Sunday Morning Review: Is Jesus Really God? Phil. 2:5-11 October 24, 2010

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Have you ever heard someone say that all religions are the same; that is doesn’t matter what they call “God” or how they get to “God”, but ther is just one God with many religions???

Josh talked last night about this very topic… he said that the biggest distinction between all of the religions is what they believe about Jesus. This will be the fork in the road up the mountain to God that will decide who gets up the “mountain” to God.

It does not matter what you believe about the Bible until you decide what to do with Jesus? Do you believe he is who he said he is? Listen here to find out who Jesus is and why the cross matters.