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Sunday morning review James 1:1-4 January 8, 2011

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I missed the first few minutes of the sermon, but here is the last bit of the sermon, make sure to check out to listen to the whole sermon.

You can do great things, but not be a christian. Do you know what test, pain, struggles and hardships do, they show your faith. Through trials your true colors come out. Your faith or lack of faith will come out through suffering.

We live like we are the one person who will not encounter trials. So when trials hit, we are totally unprepared to handle it. We forget about the pain and suffering that we cause other people.

Side note *Job*

Everything does not originate from the hand of God, but it has to pass through the hand of God.

Eight reasons God allows trials…
1. To test the strength of our faith.
2. Trials ares given to humble us, to remind us not to let our trust in God turn into presumption or spiritual self-satifaction.
3. To wean us off our dependance of worldly things. What do you trust in to make you complete.
4. To call us to our eternal and heavenly hope. It makes us long for what the gospel promises.
5. Trials reveal what we love. What thing has become more important then God? An idol is something that we look to, to do only what God can do. Here is what happens with idols… We trade one for another instead of replacing it with the gospel.
6. Teach us to value Gods blessings. Usually we make decisions based on what effects us NOW.
7. Uses trials to develop us with enduring strength for greater usefulness.
8. To enable us to better help others in their trials, but you have to be willing to allow God to redeem it.

Steadfastness leads to becoming perfect, complete and lacking nothing. The pathway to that goal is trials. Count it all joy because God is working and moving in you. When your faith is genuine then you will react differently to the trials that you have to walk through.


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