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Sunday Morning Review: Is Jesus Really God? Phil. 2:5-11 October 24, 2010

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Have you ever heard someone say that all religions are the same; that is doesn’t matter what they call “God” or how they get to “God”, but ther is just one God with many religions???

Josh talked last night about this very topic… he said that the biggest distinction between all of the religions is what they believe about Jesus. This will be the fork in the road up the mountain to God that will decide who gets up the “mountain” to God.

It does not matter what you believe about the Bible until you decide what to do with Jesus? Do you believe he is who he said he is? Listen here to find out who Jesus is and why the cross matters.


Sunday “Morning” Review: Nehemiah 11:1-36 April 25, 2010

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Last night Josh preached through Nehemiah 11, another list of names! He started by asking the question that we usually ask ourselves, What do I do now? What is the next step for me in my relationship with Jesus? In the Bible Paul equates our spiritual life to the progression of our lifestages. As an infant you cannot feed yourself, but must be fed… each stage is unique, but the hard part comes when it is time to let go of what is comfortable and give up those things to get to the next stage. In life stages it is almost forced upon you, but in your spiritual life you have to be ok with it. Too often we are paralyzed in taking the next step because it hurts, or is uncomfortable so we do not believe that it is from God. We too often stay in our “safe place” and wonder where God is. In Nehemiah 11 Josh shows us how the leaders left their comfort and took the huge risk to move into the city… The individuals listed were people from surrounding villages who moved into the city as well. Instead of waiting for God to call them to the easy normal thing, they followed God on his mission, not their own, and by doing that the church reached outside the walls of the city and created a church with a regional mindset…

Listen to the sermon here for more… and be sure to check out Josh’s blog for the next big step that we are taking as a church.


Sunday Morning Review; Neh 5:14-19 February 28, 2010

Nehemiah 5:14-19; Humility and Hospitality

It is interesting to be in the front row to watch Josh‘s sermons come together. Some weeks the creative process seems to come together effortlessly, and some weeks, like this past one, seem to rumble around and take on many forms before it is complete.

And so here it is, in the final form, if you would like to listen: Humility and Hospitality.

Josh started this weeks sermon asking everyone to write down their top 3 – 5 goals for life. He mentioned that there are typically 2 problems with our “bucket lists”, we want them done NOW or we start them, but never seem to find the time or energy to finish them. Typically great things in life do not happen instantly. (Think of your best glass of Kool-aid vs. if you are of age the best glass of wine you have ever tasted, or, and this is a no brainer, instant coffee vs. a french press cup)

But I digress: Nehemiah has lived his whole life in Persia, Jerusalem’s walls have been torn down for 141 years, but when Nehemiah hears from his friends about the plight of the walls he is broken. Josh then takes us  on Nehemiah’s journey into becoming what Jesus would have him become so that the doing flows out of that. This sermon is definitely worth a listen, especially if you are wanting to discern God’s will for your life. And who does not want to know what they should be doing with their lives!


Sunday Morning Review; Nehemiah 4:15-23 February 14, 2010

Josh did a great job talking about building and defending last night, I thought at any moment he would break out in Y.M.C.A. because he was wearing a carpenter’s belt! He began by recapping last weeks message saying that if you do something great you will experience opposition. When we think about defending we normally have thoughts about defending ourselves or others physically, but what about defending ourselves emotionally or spiritually?

We are usually good at the trowel work; the work that we do to better and build ourselves. We are not as good at the sword work; the work that we need to do to defend ourselves. Our job is to defend what we have been given. Have you ever felt discouraged, depressed, or lacking faith? Then you know that Satan is real. By listening to Josh’s sermon here, you will hear some practical ways to defend yourself and those around you.


“Sunday” Morning Review January 19, 2010

Prayer & Planning: Nehemiah 2:1-8

Last week Josh talked about prayer in the life of Nehemiah, and how he prayed not only with his words, but prepared for those prayers to be answered through his planning. 

How long would you be willing to pray for something? 30 days, maybe 100, but what if God doesn’t answer your prayers the way you want Him to, or in the timing that you want Him to. Josh said, “God sometimes answers prayers immediately. Does that mean we don’t need to pray and just make things happen ourselves, or do we just wait around praying hoping that God calls someone to action? This past week Josh did a great job of showing the need not only for prayer in our lives, but for planning and action as well. Has God not answered your prayers because you are not ready for Him to?

Listen to last week’s sermon here, and you will not be disappointed.


“Sunday” Morning Review on Thursday! January 14, 2010

We started a new series at Revolution Church this past Saturday night called; Building a City within a City, a study on the book of Nehemiah. We have been doing quite a bit of background work to launch this series, including an 80+ page study guide, which you can download here. It would definitely be worth the listen, but I will give you the brief overview here.

Nehemiah is a Jewish man who works for the king of Persia as the cup bearer, a position that brings much wealth, prestige and a close connection to the king. The book of Nehemiah is said to be an excerpt from his personal journal, and we meet Nehemiah as he is asking about the city and walls of Jerusalem. When he hears that the walls are still in ruins, he is devistated and weeps and mourns for days. The odd thing is that the walls have been in this same state for 141 years, so this was not new information for him. Josh asked the question, Do you see the world as God sees it? Something had to change in Nehemiah for the sudden change in heart, Josh believes it is because he started to see things the way God does. For our hearts to break for the city around us we need to have our hearts intertwined with God’s. This is the only way that we will see things like God and live for His glory not our own.

Nehemiah, in his mourning, is broken not only by his sin, but by this sin of the whole nation of Israel. He confesses all of those sins and then prays big, specific prayers. Not that someone would rebuild the wall, but that he would be successful in rebuilding the wall. For more you will have to listen… I hope that you enjoy.


What I Have a Blog? 2009 in Review January 13, 2010

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This last year has been a frenzied blur of activity and new experiences. Probably two of the biggest things that happened this past year have been the birth of our 3rd baby, Ashton, on February 10th and celebrating the 1st year anniversary of Revolution Church that Josh, my husband, relaunched in September 2008.

Life with 3 kids has been challenging and rewarding. I once thought that I could have at least 6 kids, coming from a large family, now I no longer think that! Having the last two only 18 months apart has stretched me, literally and figuratively, in ways that I never imagined. I have had to become even more organized, patient and creative, while having less sleep and more little people in my life!

Josh has made some huge changes in his life over the last year. For starters he has made date night a huge priority, so NO MATTER WHAT, we have a date night each week. (Click here for more information about our last series on relationships.) This has made huge deposits into our relationship when we have needed it most. He has also been training for a half marathon and has made getting healthy a big priority in his life and in our family’s life, so he has lost a significant amount of weight. It is incredible to watch someone close to you, not only transform before your eyes, but take something so seriously that they actually do something about it. Complaining about something is really easy, but doing something about it takes a lot of courage. So; hat’s off to Josh.

One of the things that has hit me the most about last year are the internal shifts that have happened in my life revolving around relationships. Previously, I used to go to church, volunteer at church, attend a mom’s group at church, lead a small group for church, and go to a Bible study in church. I was spending ALL of my time with people who know Jesus, or who are aquainted with or pursuing Him. I think that I needed that for a season, but things have changed for me now, I am still involved in church and use my time, gifts and talents to honor God, but I am spending much less time with women and people who already are invested in the Kingdom. I intentionally have made a decision to reach out to those who are close to me, who don’t know God, so that I can make a difference in their eternities. That means that some of my relationships with people I already know have taken a bit of a back seat, but in ways that I am not even able to express, I am more filled because I am living my life not just for myself now.

I have been able to reach out to a handful of families in my neighborhood in extremely practical ways; blessing two families with a few meals after the birth of their second child, passing off some extra chocolate cake to the teenagers down the street, lending and borrowing things as a way to connect and share resources, and most of all trying to be the Light that God calls us to. This past week at Revolution Church, Josh asked us as a congregation to list 3 people who we could intentionally invest in and invite to church; a year ago, I would not have anyone to write on that card, but it made me excited that last Saturday night, I had to decide and think through who of my non-christian friends or acquaintances I would be investing and inviting.

I know that this may not sound like much, but for me, it has been a long journey. Getting to a place where I can hold loosely to some of the relationships that I want to cling to, so that I can spend more time with people who have a greater eternal need. I don’t want to come across all holy, because if you know me, you know that I am a far cry from perfect or even good for that matter. But God has started to change my heart toward the city of Tucson… and this is only becoming clear through Revolution’s study of Nehemiah. A book about a man who’s heart was changed by God for the city of his ancestors. I pray that my heart too, will be broken for the people who are swimming in the hurt, self-loathing, and anger that God has graciously pulled and is pulling me from.

Tomorrow I will post my “Sunday” Morning review about the first sermon from our new series; Building a City Within the City, a study on the book of Nehemiah.

Here’s to God changing your heart to be more like his and a resolution to blog with a little more regularity! 😉